Free Microscope Tutorial - (Mac and Windows)


This program was developed for middle school students in an effort to provide a fun and educational reinforcement on how to use a microscope. It was made with Macromedia Director MX and is cross-platform. It is freeware and as long as all parts are kept together, it may be run on as many school or home computers as you wish. It may not be broken apart, sold, or used to make a profit in any way without the express, written consent of David Solon, © 2003.
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Free Tutorial Downloads -
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Microscope Tutor for Mac OS 8-9 (.img file 35 megs)

Microscope Tutor for Mac OS X (.dmg file 35 megs)

Microscope Tutor for Windows (.zip file 32 megs)


Hope this is useful to someone out there!

     (Quicktime 6 or later is required to view the movie.)