World-Builder WebQuest

Plan a Settlement utilizing the natural resources of a particular area in the world.

This Middle School WebQuest will challenge you to find, research, plan, and build your own settlement at a particualar place in the world today. You will simply start with the coordinates of your settlement. From there, you must find it on the map and research the area. You must research what types of raw materials are available to you. You must plan the community so that it will thrive and grow. You want people to come to your new settlement and stay to make their homes here. It must be a safe, secure and welcoming environment for them to want to stay. You get to call the shots. You get to decide where and what types of buildings and jobs there will be. You get to do it all!

Venture on to the "Task" section where you will receive further instructions....GOOD LUCK!

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created by Dave Solon, 2002